How do I mint an authenticated NFT on aiRight?

With the mission of creating a copyright management platform for multimedia NFTs, aiRight allows you to mint image, audio, and video artworks into NFT as an OW721 or OW1155 token while providing copyright by AI Similarity Scanning technology, giving both new and experienced NFT collectors an easy to use tool to protect themselves from fraud.

Step 1: Go to mint NFT and choose the NFT kind

Step 2: Choosing your artwork and filling in information, click "Generate asset"

Step 3: Waiting for the report of your NFT to be done

This report shows similar NFTs collected over many blockchains and marketplaces, protecting IP for creators and giving users more clues to evaluate the authenticity of the NFT.

Step 4: Minting your asset

For the details, take a look at the short video below to see how the mint flow will work

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