All fundamental features are available on launch:

  1. AI Oracle - NFT Content Authenticity Verification: The first part of the NFT Audit, is to verify the uniqueness of NFTs in comparison with the world’s largest NFT database, which can be integrated into any platform.

  2. Marketplace with Authenticated NFT & Royalty Protocol: Creating artworks and instantly securing copyright, Selling/collecting/auctioning/transferring NFTs effortlessly on Oraichain. The NFT creators can forever benefit from every secondary sale of the NFT.

  3. NFT Staking: a service offered to verified artists on aiRight to use our all-in-one NFT Staking platform to provide APR to the NFT holders. The creators can use the open-source smart contract and interface template provided by the aiRight team or contact us for getting support if you are not a developer.

  4. NFT ownership verification for Discord membership: A Discord bot developed by the aiRight team, can be installed on any Discord server, allows connecting the aiRight account with the Discord username to check the NFT ownership to give membership/roles to your member.

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