No gas-fee NFT Marketplace with Authenticated NFT & Royalty Protocol for creators

NFT Marketplace with full functions Mint, Collection, Buy, Sell, Auctions, Transfer Authenticated NFTs and forever royalty for creators.

Marketplace with the Content-Authenticated NFTs.

We are proud to be the first NFT platform to integrate AI Copied NFT Detection technology to give both new and experienced NFT collectors creditable information sources to protect themselves from fraud. Using the AI-Oracle mentioned before, aiRight marketplace only lists NFT with Copied NFT Detection report attached, to give users more clues to evaluate the authenticity of the NFT before purchasing them.

Using aiRight Marketplace, the creators can take advantage of our Royalty Protocol integrated to forever benefit from every secondary sale of NFTs directly to their wallets without spending any effort.

What are NFT royalties on aiRight?

NFT royalties are payments that compensate original NFT creators for the use of their NFTs. Giving artists a percentage of the sale price each time their artwork is resold. No matter how many secondary sales occur, the royalties will always be paid back to the original creator of the NFT, and the whole process is automated.

Differently from some existing implementations of royalty on several NFT marketplaces like Rarible, Foundation, Zora, or Superare for one-creator with/without collector roles, aiRight empowers a set of creators and investors via the design and implementation of the Oraichain Royalty Protocol.

How NFT royalties work

NFT Marketplace smart contract on aiRight brings its users the right to benefit from future sales by defining permanent royalty shares for creators and temporary royalty shares for owners.

The creators can set a royalty rate when minting the NFT on aiRight. Each time a secondary sale happens, royalties are automatically calculated based on the price and paid to the author's wallet through the aiRight marketplace contract.

  • Royalty for Creators:

Creators are the ones who contribute to the creation of an NFT asset. On aiRight, they are AI Providers (can be a list of contributors) and end-users who pay the gas fee to mint the NFT. Creators set their desired royalty rates when minting the NFT at a max rate of 20%. The rates for AI Providers as creators are obtained from the contract of the providers. The royalty rate for the Original assets minting on aiRight is 0%. Currently, aiRight provides other AI models for minting NFTs with a 1% creator royalty rate.

  • Royalty for Owners (only applied to OW721 NFT):

The owners of an NFT are the ones currently holding the NFT. The aiRight Royalty protocol allows owners to set Royalty rates between 0–20% (based on the next sale price) when selling the NFT to the marketplace. The royalty will be paid back to previous owners after the next resale. For newly minted NFTs, the creator is the owner. They lose ownership when selling/transferring the NFT to others.

Managing your Royalty on aiRight

aiRight has developed the Royalty management system to visualize cash flow from their NFTs. Users can easily see every received and likely-to-come royalty from their NFTs.

On your Profile page, there are 2 categories for royalties managing: Creator Royalty and Seller Royalty

  • Creator Royalty: Aggregate all the NFTs that you are a creator with and royalty-related metrics, including the most updated royalty rate, the current price of NFT on the marketplace (if the NFT is not on-sale, it will show “Not on-sale”) and future incoming royalty amount.

When clicking on “Details” of each NFT, you can see every transaction of incoming money, including arisen royalties, the revenue of selling NFTs, royalty for being the previous owner of NFT (only 1 time when you sell the NFT on Marketplace for the first time)

  • Seller Royalty: Aggregate all the future income from NFT that you are the previous owner. It will only display when your buyer puts the NFT on sale on the marketplace. Once the NFT is re-sold, you will receive royalties (see the record on the “Currency transactions” tab) then the NFT will disappear on the “Seller Royalty” tab.

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