How to join private channel on aiRight Hangout server?

How to join private channel on aiRight Hangout server?

1. What is the NFT ownership verification for the Discord private channel?

An asset verification bot on Discord has been developed by the aiRight team to provide NFT ownership verification services to our verified artists, allowing NFTs to be used as a ticket for joining private clubs for artists and projects.

By connecting users’ aiRight and Discord accounts, the bot will check the NFT assets and assign specific roles to access the artist’s private zone on Discord. This way creators can effectively utilize their NFTs as the ticket to join the fan clubs, communities and grant additional privilege to collectors.

2. How to join private channel on aiRight Hangout server

Step 1: Connect your aiRight account to Discord:

  • Click on the “Connect to Discord” button on your profile

  • Authorize our bot to link your aiRight account to Discord

  • When the connection is successful, you will receive a notification as below:

Step 2: Go to aiRight Hangout server in the read only category select #🔐private-communities

Step 3: Click “Join channel” at the channel where you own the NFT of that artist/collection

  • If you don’t own any NFTs belonging to that artist/collection, you can click on the name of that channel, it will direct you to the artist/collection page so you can buy the NFT. After you’ve bought it, go back to discord and try again.

Verified artists can request a private channel here:

Read more about how to become a verified artist:

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