How to buy ORAI and AIRI token

ORAI and AIRI are the cryptocurrencies that fuel transactions on the aiRight, you can buy them from digital currency exchanges like Kucoin, Pancakeswap, and OraiDex.

1. Buy CW20 AIRI on OraiDex

CW20 AIRI (AIRI Mainnet) is available to buy on OraiDEX. It can be exchanged from ORAI, UST, and ATOM. Below we will give the most convenient way to get CW20 AIRI (Please note that you need an Oraichain wallet address first. If you haven’t had any address, visit to create one.

Step 1: Buy ORAI Mainnet via Kucoin then withdraw ORAI to your Oraichain wallet.

Step 2: Visit OraiDEX to swap native ORAI to AIRI

Important note: You need to import the mnemonics of the exact Oraichain wallet used for your aiRight account. If not, your AIRI can not be transferred to your aiRight account to make any payment.

Step 3: Swap ORAI to AIRI on OraiDEX:

After buying AIRI successfully, your AIRI will be displayed on your Oraichain wallet (aiRight account)

2. Buy BEP20 AIRI on aiRight and Pancakeswap

- Bridge AIRI from BSC to Oraichain

Step 1: Visit and connect both Keplr and Metamask wallet

Step 2: In the Bridge section, in “From” and “To” columns, select BEP20 and CW20 relatively

Step 3: Enter the amount and click “Transfer”. You might need to wait for the transaction to complete.

3. Transfer CW20 AIRI between Oraichain wallets

Step 1: Visit and connect both Keplr and Metamask wallet

Step 2: Select “Transfer CW20 Token”, here you can choose the token you want to transfer

Step 3: Choose the token you want to transfer, fill in the oraichain recipient address and click “Transfer”

4. What is the difference between CW20 AIRI, and BEP20 AIRI?

The primary difference between CW20 AIRI and BEP 20 AIRI is that of the underlying network. While CW20 tokens are based on the Oraichain mainnet, BEP20 tokens are built on BSC network. With each type of token, the holders will have different privileges.

CW20 AIRI (native AIRI): Besides being used as a payment token and NFT Staking reward on aiRight, CW20 AIRI also opens a gateway for the holders to access various current and upcoming beneficial programs.

BEP20 AIRI: Used primarily as a farming token, BEP 20 AIRI holders are able to use this token to stake on aiRight Token Farming pool to get passive income.

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