With the aim of fostering organic growth and incentivizing participation in the early-stage adoption of the Oraichain mainnet, aiRight is updating AIRI tokenomics for sustainable development and enhancing token health. With these changes, comes the introduction of deflationary mechanics to protect the value of AIRI as the ecosystem grows.

For the first six months, thousands of early adopters have enjoyed significant rewards from farming on aiRight. As we move to our next stage of development, it is time to update our tokenomics, reappropriating allocations from farming to the ecosystem, while retaining rewards for stakers and those who provide LP.

We have also adjusted emissions accordingly, with the remaining AIRI tokens entering circulation by January 2026. Below you will find the revised allocations and a projected release schedule.


AIRI & LP Farming

  • We aren’t doing away with farming rewards all together. We will continue to provide some rewards for AIRI single-sided staking, but we will look to gradually decrease these rewards over time. LP providers will still receive handsome farming rewards for providing liquidity for the AIRI-BNB pair.

Bug Bounty

  • As we implement new features, it is especially important that our community continues to participate in reviewing the functionality and reporting any errors they may encounter. We will be offering monthly rewards for any vulnerabilities discovered and flagged for our development team to address. Details on this program will be released in the near future.

NFT Feed Social Interactions

  • Community is everything. As we improve our on-platform social network, we’ll be providing regular rewards for users who contribute to the growth of our community by utilizing the tools built by the team. If there is a feature you’d like to see here, please feel free to reach out to our team and we will work to give creators and collectors the resources they need.

NFT Launchpad

  • Once AIRI is launched on mainnet, we will open monthly submissions for creators to receive a grant for providing exciting and adventurous projects on aiRight. Even better, we will rely on AIRI governance to choose the projects they want to see funded.

NFT Staking:

With the goal of promoting creators and collectors who contribute positively to the platform, aiRight will be offering rewards for staking NFTs from verified collections on the Oraichain mainnet. We will announce the process to be a verified artist in the very near future.


We are opening up a more significant budget to draw users to aiRight and Oraichain mainnet. With more games, artists and utility NFTs on the way, we are confident that we can reach out into the mainstream and bring consumers to the platform. As we increase demand, we will list on a popular CEX in Q2 and have set aside the budget and liquidity to deliver a successful launch.


From the start, we’ve set aside an allocation for ORAI holders to burn their ORAI token in exchange for discounted AIRI tokens and we are keeping that promise. More details on this swap and burn event will be announced soon.

Vesting schedule:

AIRI utilities:

  • Payment Token: The most significant update on the utilities is that AIRI will become the payment token on the Marketplace, replace ORAI on the NFT price display and for all services from aiRight when the AIRI on Oraichain Mainnet is available. Mainnet AIRI can be bought via ORAI/AIRI pair on OraiDEX coming at the end of Q1. Native ORAI will still remain one of the payment options when buying the NFT.

  • In-game token for strategic GameFi partners

  • Governance: AIRI holders have the right to participate in governing the policy decisions on the aiRight platform that include the service fee rate, buyback and burn policy, farming rewards, profit sharing, as well as all future utility integrations.

  • Farming: AIRI tokens are the rewards for yield farming on aiRight via staking and liquidity farming on BSC.

Burning mechanism:

50% revenue from the fee pool on aiRight will be burned to create deflation and ensure AIRIs token health is maintained, even as new tokens enter circulation.

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